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Creating Responsible Digital Citizens

  • Digital &Financial Literacy Initiative

    ReDi’s digital literacy initiative aims at educating individuals, brands and businesses in best social media practices and digital techniques. Despite growing internet penetration, Indian social media users lacks basic skills related to using digital tools and platforms. ReDi makes use of hands-on activities and awareness modules that educate people about the basics of digital ecosystem.

    Additionally, the initiative looks forward to help people spot cyber scams and avoid the instances of getting cheated online. With the help of effective tools and techniques, ReDi makes people accustomed to best usage practicesand security measures that will help them in using digital platforms, effectively and responsibly.

  • Cybersafety & Digital Etiquettes for Employees

    In the age of social media, every brand is looking to leverage the benefits offered by digital mediums. In such a landscape, businesses need to teach their employees about responsibly using such platforms. ReDi, though its project, aims at empowering brands and businesses to save their digital properties, draft social media policies and educating employees to behave responsibly online.

    Employees are the mouthpieces for an organization. By training, guiding and encouraging employees to use the social media platforms effectively, businesses can eliminate instances of negative publicity. At the same time, employees will be taught to strengthen their digital footprint that will help the organization in the long run.

  • Cybersafety for Students

    In an increasingly connected world, privacy and security is a major concern. Teens are vulnerable to instances of cyber bullying, molestation and are exposed to things that can pose as a threat to their safety.

    We have developed cybersafety modules for students and conduct workshops in schools, colleges and other educational institutions that teach students how to safeguard themselves in the online world. The modules are designed keeping in mind the understanding level of students and helps a student in fighting security & safety issues in the digital world.

Dare to Care about your Digital Responsibility?