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ReDi Digital Dialogue

The Most Anticipated
Digital Media Events of the Year

Hosted on the occasion of Social Media Day (June 30th) annually, ReDi Digital Dialogue is the hottest digital media events in the country. The event brings the best minds in the industry including digital thinkers, practitioners, professionals and industry leaders under a single roof to discuss trends, ideas and latest happenings in the digital landscape.

The event enlightens brands, individuals and professionals on how to utilize social media for brand building and creating awareness for a social cause. Multiple workshops, hands-on activities and keynote events are organized where speakers discuss and debate different nuances of social media. The event also serves as a great platform to know more about innovative technologies and industry breakthroughs.

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ReDi Twitter Meetups

An Engaging Platform to Discuss, Learn & Evolve…
Learn the Art of Effective Tweeting…
from the Fellow Users & Experts

A voluntary and informal meeting for Twitter professional and amateur Twitter users where they share insights, best practices, interact with thought leaders and speakers to learn the art of engagement.

Organized to increase awareness about microblogging and Twitter platform, Twitter Meetups enlighten users about effective techniques and engagement tools that will help them increase their following. The meetup also aims at raising awareness about social issues and how to use Twitter to raise a collective voice.

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ReDi Bloggers Workshop

Give wings to your Blogging Dreams

Blogs empower brands and individuals to develop an authority in a particular sector or industry. ReDi bloggers workshops aim at creating a thriving community of enthusiastic bloggers. At bloggers workshop, individuals learn the art of writing effectively, understand blogging trends and get trained by experts on how to promote their blog effectively.

These workshops help bloggers in raising their standards and achieve a thought leadership status in their respective domains by using effective blogging tools and following best practices.

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