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ReDi stands for “Responsibly Digital”. It is an initiative to promote & encourage “norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use”.

ReDi brings digital media evangelists, curators and strategists at one platform to deliberate on the wide digital media spectrum and its impact in our lives


ReDi deliberates on transformation happening in Lives, Businesses, and Communications with the advent of digital media technology.

ReDi approach encapsulates personal & professional purposes through interactive conclaves, seminars, and workshops through public events, sponsored activities, and focused workshops.
ReDi develops digital media content and campaign on various social media issues.


Digital media is bridging the gap between the consumer and the brand in real-time. It is making the world-connected in the tag, tweet, like, share and mention. According to IAMAI, there are 372 million mobile Internet users and 462 million total Internet users. Addressing the diversity of this target audience is a challenge for all those who are still grappling to come to terms with the changing medium of communications. ReDi aims at promoting discussions on the trends and challenges for the brands in the digital space. ReDi is all about giving you a digital edge to propel your growth.