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ReDi- Responsibly Digital

Thought Leadership Platform for Digital, Social & Online Media Industry

 Responsibly Digital (ReDi) is a social platform that has emerged as a result of joint collaboration between established digital mammoths- Simulations Public Relations, TejSolPro and Communicate Karo.

We breathe social media and are eager to enlighten the power of engagement through an exciting platform. Our endeavors bring users and professionals on the same platform to discuss, debate, learn and ponder over digital media landscape.

Started as a voluntary initiative to promote & encourage digital technology behavioral norms for personal & professional purposes, ReDi organizes interactive conclaves, seminars, workshops and events in Gujarat.ReDi aims to command an authority in global social media landscape by enlightening brands, communication professionals, digital media professionals, academicians, politicians, journalists, NGOs and amateur users.

Socially Responsible, Digitally Ready

We believe in creating an army of professionals and individuals who are ‘Responsibly Digital’ and can leverage the digital platforms to bring a positive change in the society. Through our efforts, we wish to empower individuals, brands, businesses and professionals to:

Creating a Better Digital Community
Powered by a 3-Dimensional Philosophy

  • Inform : Spreading awareness about the benefits and scope of technological breakthroughs in digital media landscape.

  • Engage : Endowingprofessionals with keen insights shared by industry leaders to improve engagement metrics.

  • Empower : Empowering brands and individuals to leveragethe potential of digital media platformsand be digitally responsible.

Our philosophy is a result of a shocking realization. People do not understand the capabilities of digital media and are not immune to the consequences of wrong practices. So, we took the baton to create a responsibly digital population, for a better future.

What started as an annual digital conclave has taken the shape of a much-needed digital revolution for the tech-savvy generation. Over the years, we have conducted countless workshops and annual events and have enjoyed the patronage of several prestigious organizations such as UNICEF, Facebook, Mashable& others.

Excited to Be a Part of the ReDi Journey?

Dare to Care about your Digital Responsibility?