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ReDi- Responsibly Digital

Thought Leadership Platform for Digital, Social & Online Media Industry

The Most Happening, Disruptive & Sought-after
Social Platform for Digital Ninjas

ReDi is the brainchild of a highly-enthusiastic team of digital pioneers who felt the need for a social platform to discuss issues, debate notions and explore digital media trends. The platform is one of the most credible social media events in the country where global panelists and speakers come together to brainstorm and reflect about the future of digital media in the 21st century.

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Since 2013, Team ReDi has been regularly organizing an annual conclave along with numerous small-scale events in various regions of Gujarat. Get a glimpse of the on-ground action:

ReDi aims to spread awareness of digital media and empower brands, communication professionals, digital media professionals, academicians, politicians, journalists, NGOs and amateur users by enlightening them about the power of responsible digital communication for growth. By bringing expert industry professionals on a single platform, we envision to improve digital quotient of all the stakeholders in the industry.

We are powered by a three-dimensional philosophy that focuses on bringing a digital revolution in the country through information sharing, professional engagement and empowerment to use digital media responsibly. Our philosophy is based on the principle that everyone has the moral right to leverage the benefits of technological advancement, but also has the duty to be responsible towards the society.

We are committed to create an army of ‘Responsibly Digital’ professionals who can utilize digital platforms to bring about positive changes in the society. By connecting with like-minded people, communicating their thoughts, collaborating with others and creating valuable solutions, individuals can create an environment of equal opportunities for themselves and for others.

We promise to bring the best in social and digital media ecosystem to enthusiastic and passionate professionals, users, brands and businesses. By developing a platform to discuss, debate, learn and ponder over digital ecosystem, we seek to enlighten everyone about the power of digital connection and engagement.

We are strongly bound by the values of equality and integrity, and are committed to offer everyone same level of exposure in digital media. Through our initiatives, projects and programs, we look forward to create an environment of equality in terms of opportunities, exposure and knowledge that accelerate the process of creating a better society.

ReDi Mantras for Digital Readiness
in Age of Social Media

ReDi’s efforts have been immensely appreciated by industry leaders, marketing professionals, social media enthusiasts and organizations alike. For more than 5 years, ReDi has been disrupting the industry through:

  • ReDi Digital Dialogue– An annual digital conclave to celebrate social media day, discuss trends and challenges for brands in digital ecosystem and creating awareness on being Responsibly Digital.
  • Twitter MeetupsInformal meetings for social media influencers to interact, engage and grow their following.

  • Blogger WorkshopsNiche-specific workshops for experienced and amateur bloggers to discuss the developments in the blogging world and learn new skills.

  • Structured Awareness ProgramsFocused education programs to expand the purview of digital literacy among social media users.

ReDi 2017

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Our Partners & Collaborators

Our partners are the reason for kickass events that ReDi is known for. We have been extremely lucky to receive the support of national and international industry leaders across sectors.


Responsibly Digital is a not-for-profit initiative to inform, share and empower individuals on responsibly digital behviour. ReDi organises Digital Dialogue Conclave annually on June 30 to celeberate social media day.

Media Loves ReDi

What’s a platform without a public reach? Media groups have been extremely gracious to cover our events and extend our reach across borders.

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